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Fit and Healthy Upasana

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Fit and Healthy Upasana

admin1 February 12, 2018

Now, this is February 2018. And Upasana has all the answers packed and not even a single chance will be given to those detractors for loosing their faulty words. Changing her diet, starting new workouts and indulging in some clean weeks, the mega daughter in law made sure that her transformation will be magical. And it is!!

Upsana took them all in her stride and found inspiration to inspire others. After she accompanied her husband, in his gym routine, the fitness bug caught her too.

In the name of #UpasanaCleanWeek, she has initiated a diet plan for her followers on social media as well and then shared a picture of her how the diet has shaped her new looks. This picture is speaking thousands of words for her, without anyone writing a single para about it.

Once she managed to reduce considerable amount of weight, she released diet charts to others as well. She made it clear that you can always desire to be fit without losing out on fun in life.

That was June 2012. Tollywood’s heartthrob hero Ram Charan got married to one of the Apollo heiress Upasna Kamineni.

She accompanies her husband on his holiday trips and visits shooting sets regularly, as well. But she found the magic tonic that keeps her fit all the while.

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