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Five Maoists killed in encounter


Five Maoists killed in encounter

admin1 November 5, 2018

In Odisha, the Maoists once again stunned. The Malkangiri district has faced protests between the police and the Maoists in the Bajjingwada and Pappuruvaru forests. Five Maoists were killed in the shooting. Police have seized heavily weapons in the cellar. Police have claimed that two large explosives have been seized along with two inspuff attacks, SLR and 303 rifles. There are three women in the dead. Police said the dead bodies would be shifted to Malkangiri district. The victims were identified as belonging to the Yugoslav forces. Maoist leader Randhve escaped from the incident. Crossfire still persists.

Security booms have been taking place since yesterday as the Maoists camp in Pappuaru forests. The Maoists were on the morning and the two sides clashed, the officials said.

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