Florida hack exposes medicaid files of around 30,000 patients

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Florida officials say hackers may have accessed the personal information and medical records of up to 30,000 medicaid recipients two months ago.

The state’s Agency for Health Care Administration released a statement on Friday, January 5, which said that one of its employees was the victim of a malicious phishing email and that the agency leaders were notified about the preliminary findings of an Inspector General investigation. It found that hackers may have partly or fully accessed the enrollees’ full names, Medicaid ID numbers, birth dates, addresses, diagnoses, medical conditions and Social Security numbers.

The agency said it ‘has no reason to believe’ that this information has been misused, but enrollees can call an agency hotline to inform about the same.

Meanwhile, the agency has chosen to comment on the same and said it is training all its employees about the proper security protocol.


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