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Foreign travel ban on Kochhar


Foreign travel ban on Kochhar

admin1 April 7, 2018

ICICI Bank CEO Chanda Kochhar, her husband Deepak and Videocon Group promoter Venugopal Dhoot, has issued a CBI circuit (LLRC). They are issued when someone criminals try to leave the country. In 2012, the CBI investigating the matter was asked whether it would be enough to control Vidya Kondar and her family members abroad. The Lookout Notice can also be confiscated by their passports. Deepak Kochhar’s brother Rajiv Kothar was arrested on Friday at Mumbai airport. He was questioned for 9 hours by the CBI.

The CBI is investigating the allegation of Videocon-ICICI transaction and the investor’s complaint against Virendra Gupta. In 2008, Deepak Kochhar – Videocon’s head, Venugopal Dhoot, set up a newer renewables company. Chanda Kochhar said earlier that Dhoot had come out of that company in just 22 days and did not even know him. The consortium of 20 banks for Videocon loaned Rs 40,000 crore. ICICI is one of them. There is still a 85% loan debt. In 2017, banks have diluted Videocon debt. “There is no quid pro co. The name of Chanda Kutcher is damaging, “Deepak said.

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