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French NJO complaint on the Rafael Agreement

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French NJO complaint on the Rafael Agreement

admin1 November 24, 2018

A NGO company in France has complained about the Rafael Agreement which has become the focal point for political turmoil in India. The agreement was signed between Dosso Aviation Reliance Defense as a foreign partner. The NGO ‘Sherpa’ filed a complaint at the France Financial Prosecutor’s Office asking for clarification on the terms of the agreement.

The NGO Shirpa said in a statement that the complaint was made up of the allegations in the deal. “A former minister of the country has alleged that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was accused of misappropriation and liability for the purchase of Rafael. In addition, this complaint was also studied by the France Media Newspaper report on the agreement, “said Sherpa. Sherpa has expressed the hope that the National Public Prosecutor’s Office will thoroughly investigate the case. This NJV company filed a complaint in late October.

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