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Gangster Nayeem’s Assets Worth Is Rs1200 Crores

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Gangster Nayeem’s Assets Worth Is Rs1200 Crores

admin1 January 5, 2019

Police had encountered an encounter on August 9, 2016, at Shadnagar in Mahbubnagar district, where gangster Nayeem, who was thrown into the Telangana state with assassinations, kidnappings and earthquakes. The government has set up a Special Investigation Agency (SIT) to investigate 197 cases registered in various places. In the backdrop of this, SIT has brought out assets that were illegally acquired by Nayeem. Sit confirmed that Neyeem has assets in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. The Income Tax Department estimates that the value of assets in the name of Nayeem and his binaimi would be Rs 1,200 crore.

SIT has identified 1015 acres of land in Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh and 1,67,000 117 sq ft of land in the name of Nayeem and his binamese. In the Nayeem den in Hyderabad, the cash was seized by the officials of the company, which included 2 crore 8 lakh 52 thousand 400 rupees cash, 1.90 kg gold jewelery, 873 grams of silverware, 258 cellphones, 203 registration documents with names of different persons, explosives, expensive cars and two vehicles. Sit officers found that the house in the Millennium Township in Shadnagar was held by Nayeem Brother in law Sajid. Relatives and Gang Members were exposed to the documents that were acquired by Nayeem Registrations of various assets as binami. Similarly, investigations revealed that about 30 to 40 homes and homes were registered in Ranga Reddy and Nalgonda districts in Hyderabad and Cyberabad in the name of inspector Fahrena in Nayeem. There are hundreds of crores of assets worth.

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