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Global Internet Shutdown in 48 Hours!


Global Internet Shutdown in 48 Hours!

admin1 October 12, 2018

Internet users around the world are likely to experience a network failure in the next 48 hours. This is because of the general maintenance of many key servers related to the Internet.

Russia today announced that it will stop major domain servers and related network infrastructures. This is why Internet users are likely to face network connection failures.
‘The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers’ (ICANN) is implementing these maintenance activities. It has been reported as part of an effort to provide more security for the domain name system (DNS). It has stated that such actions are needed to deal with rising cyber attacks. The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) said in a statement that such measures are essential for safe and sustainable DNS. ‘If the network operators or Internet Service Providers are not prepared for this change, they will be affected. However, this effect can be avoided by using appropriate system security extensions, “CRA said.

In these 48 hours, internet users are likely to face many problems with web pages and transactions. The old ISPs are likely to be inconvenient, “the company said.

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