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Goodbye to ‘toss’ in Test cricket


Goodbye to ‘toss’ in Test cricket

admin1 May 17, 2018

Everyone who watches cricket matches knows about the specificity of the toss. The team will have to bat and bowl first before the team is on the toss. But the ICC wants to tamper with the Tass policy in future Test matches. This approach is effective since international cricket began in 1877. First of all, the batting and the bowling selection will depend on the captain who won the toss.

Especially in the Test matches, there is a lot of criticism that the host team will benefit from a toss approach. The ICC is stepping on the grounds that the pitch formation is based on the host team and if they win the toss and pitch their batting and bowling. ICC appointed committee to discuss a wide range of issues on this topic will be convened in Mumbai on May 28 and 29. Leading cricketers Anil Kumble, Andrew Strauss, Mahela Jayawardene, Rahul Dravid, Tim May, New Zealand Cricket Executive David White, Third umpire Richard, ICC Referees Ranjan and Shawn Pollock are likely to be members. In India, even though it has been a proposal to vacate the Tawas in national cricket, it has not come into force.

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