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Google CEO Sunder Pichai’s sensational announcement


Google CEO Sunder Pichai’s sensational announcement

admin1 October 26, 2018

Google has revealed that 48 people who have been accused of sexual assault have been dropped during the past two years, according to the Google Sector. CEO Sundar Pichai said that there are also high-level employees. The New York Times has published a story that Google has not taken any action against three senior officers who have been sexually abused. In response, Sunder Pichai said in his e-mail that he had dismissed 48 employees who had sexually abused them in the past two years. These include 13 senior senior level officers.

This e-mail copy is also signed by Google Vice President. In the letter, it is possible to complain to the system of internally displaced persons who have experienced sexual harassment from associations in the organization. The names of the complainants will be kept anonymous. Google has said that they have changed the system to discuss issues with fellow employees in the position of Senior Vice-President. “Workers in Google should have a good working environment. We are committed to taking action against anyone if someone is obscene, “said Sunder Pichai in E-mail.

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