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Google Maps returns to China after a gap of 8 years


Google Maps returns to China after a gap of 8 years

admin1 January 16, 2018

After a gap of eight years, Google Maps is now available for Chinese internet users. This reflects the shift in the Chinese policy towards the U.S. tech giant.

According to the news reported in Nikkei Asia Review, though the Google’s flagship search function is still not accessible in China, users of internet in China can now seek directions on these maps.

Chinese netizens have hailed the revival of Google maps which was unavailable since 2010.

Under President Xi Jinping, to crackdown dissent on online, Chinese government’s cyber security law took effect in June 2017. But, China is also ambitious in developing artificial intelligence technologies. For this reason, both the Chinese government and Google had decided to keep aside discussions and instead cooperate on Artificial intelligence development.

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