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GSAT-11 Experiment Successful

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GSAT-11 Experiment Successful

admin1 December 5, 2018

In the recent past, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), which has been running a series of successes, has completed another keynote experiment. ISRO successfully launched the satellite satellite GSAT-11, which is expected to be the venue for designing new applications, including broadband services across the country. ISRO conducted this experiment from the French Guiana Space Center in South America.

The Arian-5 racquet carrying the GSAT-11 satellite was successfully launched in orbit after a 33-minute journey. The GSAT-11 ISRO, which is 5,854 kilos of the size of the satellite, has the worst of all satellites launched so far. The Digital India mission is designed to designate four GSAT-11 experiments to deliver 100 GB data per second across the country. The latest experiment is the third. The satellite will serve for 15 years. Even in remote areas of the country to provide information valuable space jisat-11 satellite for India’s property nilavanundani kesivan ISRO Chairman said. ISRO has spent Rs 600 crore for making this satellite called ‘Big Bird’.

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