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H-1B visa fraud: Indian man arrested


H-1B visa fraud: Indian man arrested

admin1 November 3, 2018

An Indian man was arrested in California in the US on the H-1B visa fraud case. The 46-year-old Kishore Kumar Kavoor was arrested on Friday morning by the and submitted at court. Later on the underwriting. Kishore Kumar has been the CEO of four consulting companies since 2007. He has been accused of having visa fraud and e-mail scams in a number of companies employing foreign employers.

Kishore Kumar was involved in ten separate incidents of visa fraud and multiple incidents in the e-mails, police said. In many cases he accused the Labor Department of sending the details of bogus work projects on foreign recruitment appointments to the Department of Homeland Security. Kishore will be sentenced to ten years imprisonment for a maximum of $ 250,000 in case of visa fraud case. A 20-year jail sentence can be found guilty of fraud in email fraud.

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