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Heavy Competition For Sarpanch Posts In Telangana

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Heavy Competition For Sarpanch Posts In Telangana

admin1 January 11, 2019

Early nomination process in the Telangana election ended. In the first phase, 4,479 gram panchayats will be held, while 27,940 nominations have been filed. At least six people are competing for each post. Officials said 97,690 nominations were filed for 39,822 wards. Compared to the ranks of the sarpanch, the competition is higher. An average of 6.23 per member of the sarpanch and an average of 2.45 nominations for Ward members.

The first phase will be held on 21st of this month. The polling is to be held from 7 am to 1 pm. Subsequently, sibbendi counting participating in the election duties will be announced and announced by the winners. The State Election Commission has issued directions to this. During the polling and counting, the Returning Officers have indicated on the steps taken by the authorities. The vote count should be counted only after the ballot boxes have been converted into a bundle of 25 votes.

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