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Heavy fire in Vijayawada Autonagar

Andhra pradesh

Heavy fire in Vijayawada Autonagar

admin1 May 10, 2018

A major fire broke out at the new auto-nanagar in Thadiagadapa-Enikepadu road in Vijayawada on Thursday. Flames at Autumngar at 11.30 am in the greasy making industry spread to all industries nearby. Foggy fumes were scattered in the area because of the spread of plastic goods in the cooler industry. Fire-fighting crews with 12 fire-breathing crews are trying to control the fire that has been burning heavily. The risk of intimidation with plastic fibers has become more serious. Despite the loss of life, heavy loss of property was caused. NDRF teams are moving to safe areas of the surrounding areas. District collector Laxmikantam, fire department Digi Satyanarayana Joint Sippi photographer Kamara Tata and Municipal Commissioner Niwas are monitoring the activities of the cell. Digi Satyanarayana said the fire could not be further extended. The reasons for the fire have not been reported and there are no fire permits in the incident area. The cause of the accident is the negligence of the company’s management. Strict measures will be taken on the management of the companies involved in the accident. Digi said legal notices would be issued to the management.

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