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‘Hello’ at the World Stunt Awards


‘Hello’ at the World Stunt Awards

admin1 May 14, 2018

‘Hello’ starring Akhil hero is getting good success. The film was happy with Akhil who was frustrated with the first film. The film is directed by Vikram K. Kumar and Kalyani Priyadarshan’s heroine.

But the film has a rare respect. In the World Stunt Awards, ‘Hello’ has been nominated for Best Action in Foreign Film category. Vikram has expressed this feeling by expressing it through Twitter. ‘Hello’ was nominated for foreign film category. Thanks to Anoop Rubens, Bob Brown, PS Vinod and Praveen Pudhigi. All of you have come up with more action episodes. Last but not least, Akhil is very grateful for this film. Your attitude will move you further. Should always be the same. Much Love ‘.

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