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Hindu woman ready to contest in the US election

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Hindu woman ready to contest in the US election

admin1 January 12, 2019

The first Hindu leader Tulsi Gabbard, who was nominated for the Congress, will contest the next presidential election. US President Donald Trumpy is preparing for the upcoming presidential election to be held in 2020. 37-year-old Thulasi Gabbard is the second woman to contest from the Democratic Party. Senator Elizabeth Warren will also be contesting next election. Similarly, California-based Indian Senator Kamala Harris seems to have a chance to compete in the next election.

Tulsi Gabbard, who was elected to the US House of Representatives four times from Hawaii, told reporters on Friday. He said he decided to compete in the presidential election. The official announcement will be made next week. Thulasi also served in the Iraq War for the US Army. She is the first Hindu to contest the presidential election. Little into the Hindu itself. If she wins, she will become the youngest woman to become the first woman to become the US president. Apart from being the first non-Christian, the first Hindu Presidents. But the political experts do not think there is a possibility for Thulasi in the background of the existing situation. Hindus are less than one percent of the American population. They were also from India, the descendants of India.

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