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HP OMEN 17 review: A portable gaming beast

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HP OMEN 17 review: A portable gaming beast

admin1 July 29, 2017

If you have a gaming platform, upgrading to the new hardware components is much easier to help you get the best of the games. However, if you prefer high-fidelity gaming while you’re on the move, gaming laptops are your only final choice, unless you’re comfortable moving with your TV console and games.

HP, a well-known entity in the world of computers and printers, also has its line of notebooks and gaming peripherals, now competing with the best in the industry. Your best offer for India – OMEN 17 Laptop – is a powerful desktop replacement with some of the best equipments a player can order on a laptop. To see if OMEN 17 is worthy of its claim to be the best gaming machine that can be bought, we had the OMEN rest on our table, and this is what we have to say.
The first and most important fact to keep in mind when going for a high end laptop games is – you have to give up the idea of ​​the usual portability. The gaming laptops have to accompany a lot of powerful hardware within a smaller form factor and OMEN 17 is no exception. On a heavy 3kg is quite heavy, and is slightly larger – thanks to the large screen of 17.3 inches IPS. Keeping these odds out of the way, let’s now focus on how OMEN 17 differs from its peers.
The lid is made of a carbon fiber textured polycarbonate that sports a bright red OMEN logo stamped on it. The rest is constructed with a sturdy plastic body giving the whole laptop a feeling that it is constructed of carbon fiber. The lid is stain resistant, and also has a rubbery feel, which makes it a delight to handle unlike conventional notebook with bright exteriors.
On the left, it has an air exhaust fan accompanied by a USB port and audio I / O connectors. Moving to the opposite end, it will be received with a large number of I / O ports, such as charging, Ethernet, two USB ports, HDMI, DisplayPort and an SD card reader. The rear holds two additional exhaust vents – we really loved the subtle OMEN brand, which stands out. The front has two Bang & Olufsen speakers placed on the bottom side, while the other two loudspeakers are placed above the keyboard.

Open the lid and you are greeted by a carbon fiber finish on the cover, similar to that on the lid. The screen features a matte anti-glare finish, which is a relief for those who intend to use the laptop in broad daylight. A bold red backlit keyboard and trackpad are all you’ll see at the end of the business.
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