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Hyderabad @ 3 in internet speed


Hyderabad @ 3 in internet speed

admin1 March 14, 2018

Hyderabad is the fastest growing city in the country with the use of fixed broadband internet in the country. Bangalore ranks second, while Hyderabad is placed third. The fourth place is Visakhapatnam. This is the latest study of the world’s fastest-ever (speed test) organization Oakla. The Institute of Seattle, USA, released a study report Tuesday. Last year, the company had studied in 20 cities across the country in the name of Digital Digital Divide. Internet download speeds in the fixed brandband in Chennai is 32.67 megabytes for second (MBBS). The upload speed is 26.15 mmBps. In Bangalore, it is 31.09, 27.20 mmbps. The download speed in Hyderabad is 28.93 mbps and the upload speed is 25.09 mbps. In Visakhapatnam, 26.59 and 26.63 mmbps were registered. The other places include Dilli, Kolkata, Thane, Mumbai, Vadodara and Surat.

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