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Hyderabad High Court Slams Telangana DGP Over Revanth Reddy Arrest

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Hyderabad High Court Slams Telangana DGP Over Revanth Reddy Arrest

admin1 December 6, 2018

The case of the police in connection with the arrest of Revanth reddy was once again wrong and the High Court ordered the court to direct the DGP directly to the court. The documents submitted on the arrest of Revanth. Arrest varent have already been created, where the bench of the SP ordered the bench of the DGP. The police force was blamed for abuse. Should I be detained if I question the government? “He said. Will you arrest the rules? The officer who ordered that the arrest should be revealed. It is surprising that the TRS complaint was not signed in the orders of the Election Commission. Will the CEO take such extreme action against the clerk sent by the signature? That is.

Do all of these documents have now been created, give no order, signature or date on the white paper? “He said. Like Revanth reddy, the ruling party leader speaks like this? Angry. Revanht was ordered to know the directions of the arrest and ordered the DGP to appear directly. The Advocate General said he was busy in the election duties, but it was clear that he should attend.

On the orders of the court, DGP Mahender Reddy was present on Wednesday afternoon. The bench, which first questioned the SP’s order, had any official order, date and signature from the government office. The SP orders the DGP, where your approval is, will lead to serious consequences. The answer is that the DGP will sign the internal memo and send the same information to the rest. And how to think of such a memo official? Will anyone take action if someone sends this letter? Do not confirm where you came from “He said. The bench asked the police to question whether it was police performance.

The High Court also expressed dissatisfaction with the letter sent by the CEO of the DGP. How can you react as a DGP on the letter sent by the Section officer without the CEO signature? On December 3, the SP met with District Election Officer and said all discussed. A bench that intervened at this point is called by Revanth reddy to warn the House to warn? But what about taking into custody midnight? “He said. Furthermore, the judges who have made clear that the government and the police can not justify these actions have emphasized that any officer has to give directions.

In this case, AG intervened and the DGP asked the SP to take action in accordance with the circumstances. The bench responded to the situation and responded to the situation. How angry it is to defend this act in democracy. However, the AG asked if the government should not be relieved of the date and some details of the circumstances leading to the detention. The High Court said that the case was filed on December 12 and 13 and the case was postponed to 17.

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