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Hyderabad IT engineers are least skilled!

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Hyderabad IT engineers are least skilled!

admin1 May 8, 2017

All the metropolitan cities in India – New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata & Hyderabad are leading IT hubs in the nation. But, a recent study suggests that Hyderabad engineering graduates are comparatively less skilled when compared with students of other cities.
The Automata National Programing Skills (ANPS) report revealed report stating Hyderabadi engineers lack programing skills and listed it as one of the prime reasons for very low percentage of employment in IT industry. The report was prepared after conducting a test for more than 36,000 engineering students in 500 engineering colleges revealed.

Besides listing in report that only 0.7 percent of graduates possess right skills to write a basic code, the ANPS also claimed -‘they are looking forward to provide trainings to improve coding skills among engineering graduates.’

Reacting to low-ranking for Hyderabad and the report, TASK (Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge) chief Sujeev Nayar said, ‘In order to enhance the programing skills among our engineering students, we will soon bring in some special courses at their respective colleges.’

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