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Hyderabad Police Finds Rich Old Woman Beggar

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Hyderabad Police Finds Rich Old Woman Beggar

admin1 November 5, 2018

The family members should not be overlooked in old age. Except for looking for property, it did not come to get at least a lump. This is why the old lady is leaving the house and filling the stomach. Saved money earned money .. Millionaire became. The police and officers who ate shock at her had seen the money and deposited in the bank. The elderly was moved to the rehabilitation center.

In fact, the Pentamma of Mirealaguda in Nalgonda district is 60 yards. The place was sold and she got Rs.2 lakh. Of them, they gave Rs. The rest of the money was hidden by her. Later the family members came to Hyderabad because she did not care about her. Since 2011, the Tram Tower has been residing in the surrounding TV Tower.

The police and the GHMC officials have noticed the details of the elderly. The rehabilitation center of the pilgrims in Charlapally jail moved to Anandasaranalayam. She checked her and found two three covers. Shocked by seeing the money on the covers. The amount of money was calculated and was about Rs 2,34320. The hands are silver trim and the chain in the neck.

The police immediately opened the account in SBI bank account. The money deposited at Pentamma was deposited. She also informed her relatives. She has two sons .. One of them dies and another person is missing. That’s why Daughter in law stayed with .. she get out of the house.

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