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Hyderabad Traffic Police Provide Green Channel For Transporting Heart

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Hyderabad Traffic Police Provide Green Channel For Transporting Heart

admin1 November 2, 2018

It’s not easy to ride on highways during congestion. Sometimes it is about four and a half kilometers to travel for hours. But on Thursday, only 8 minutes away from Secunderabad with an initiative of traffic police reached an ambulance in just seven minutes and reincarnated a woman. The vehicle was able to reach the car at a time when the traffic police gave a greenchannel to the ambulance to set up a woman of a living woman for another woman. Her family agreed to donate her heart to Manju (51), a brain dead in Secunderabad Yashoda hospital. At the same time, Nizamabadi woman is being treated at Nampapalli Care hospital with heart disease.

The doctors from Yashoda were shifted to Nampally Care Center from Ambulance on Thursday after the doctors decided to set her up to Manjushri’s heart. The ambulance departed from Yashoda hospital at 12.46 pm and reached the hospital hospital at 12.53 hours. All vehicles were stopped at the time of the ambulance travel. Additional Commissioner Anil Kumar supervised the Greenchannel affair. Secunderabad Yashoda, Patni Center, Bata Showroom, Bible House, Karbala Maidan, Liberty, Basheerbagh Flyover, Kelke Building, Nampally, Gandhinhavan ambulance. The police attempt succeeded with motorists also cooperating. At the crucial moment the ambulance driver drove the vehicle faster. An ambulance is running at the same speed as far as the destination arrives.

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