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I lost offers after falling in Love

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I lost offers after falling in Love

admin1 January 16, 2018

The span of an actress is too short when compared with heroes and so, they would want to make hay while the sun shines as the conditions may not remain good in the long time. When it comes to young actress Regina Cassandra who was on a roll with continuous offers is seeing a clear decline in her career graph.

Many heroines fade out in no time and they fail to assess what’s the reason behind it, Regina is too quick to figure out the reason behind the decline in offers.

Although Regina kicked off her career with some successive films, she couldn’t catch up to it in the coming days and she has an absolute reason for it. “As I have always dreamt of becoming an actress, I have opted this route but in 10 years of journey, I have committed mistakes by falling in Love,” confesses Regina in one of her recent interview. However, she did not reveal who her love was. In the past, she was reportedly linked with several actors like Sai Dharam Tej, Sundeep Kishan.

In her assessment, Regina figured out that her love life has tinkered the growth graph and also lost several offers. As a result, Regina could not achieve the star status, that her peers are enjoying. Alerted with it, she would now like to focus completely on career and wanted to grab more filmy offers.

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