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“I respect item songs,” says Tamannah.


“I respect item songs,” says Tamannah.

admin1 September 8, 2017

Whether it may be a high budget movie or a small film, item songs have become a common factor in everything. Movies without item songs are rare these days. Though there are some special item girls in Tollywood, filmmakers are eyeing the heroines to play those roles. Based on the movie, actor, and remuneration, heroines are also showing interest to dance in item songs.

Milky beauty Tamannah had already danced in two songs in the movies Alludu Seenu and Speedunnodu. She also moved her hip in Tarak’s much-anticipated upcoming flick Jai Lava Kusa. Recently in an interview, Tammy was asked why are heroines coming forward to dance in item songs? “Heroine itself means glamour. So, it’s nice to dedicate a song to the glamour. A fast beat item song helps in supporting the story, and I feel it is an honor to dance in item songs.” Strongly replied Tamannah.

However, the actress knows that the movies won’t become hits only because of the item songs. She stated that the item songs would only help. Also, she added that doing item songs in the busy schedules of acting is like recreation for her.However, the audience are claiming that as the heroines can pocket Rs. 50 lakhs to Rs. 1 crores just by participating in the song shooting for 4 to 5 days, the actresses are preferring them.

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