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I used Indian cuisine names in cinemas


I used Indian cuisine names in cinemas

admin1 August 2, 2018

‘Bello … me want banana..bank you..pupayi’ … is that strange language? People who have seen the popular Hollywood adventure comedy film ‘Despicable Me’ know about this language. There is no bigger language in this language. Director Pierre Coffin has made it funny by adding the ‘B’ character to the English and Hindi words we speak with others.

Did you come up with the idea of using such words? That honor is our Indians. Some words were created from the names of Indian cuisine. Pierre said in an interview. ‘I love Indian cuisine. In the United States, I have been staying for three days a week in an Indian restaurant. I went to the same restaurant and steal the menu card. I used the names of the cuisine on the card and used it in the movies I had taken. There are also words like ‘Punjabi’ and ‘chicken kurma’. Americans do not understand these words. Something funny like the word laugh. But Indians know that word. That restaurant owner is my friend. I told you some words in my film. He helped him with words like ‘sin’ and ‘garlic bread’, said Caffeine.

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