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I will pay 100% loans. Please take

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I will pay 100% loans. Please take

admin1 December 5, 2018

Vijay Mallya says he will repay the loans he has taken from banks, including with every paisa. He is urging the Government of India to take the arrears. Mallya has been accused of luring thousands of crores of rupees to various banks. However, Mallya says he is not a defaulter and will pay 100 percent of his loan.”Media and politicians have repeatedly said that they have taken money from banks and I am a default. This is all lie. Before the Karnataka High Court, I made a compromise to pay for loans. Why not talk so hard about it, “Mallya tweeted.More tweets. “Air firms are facing financial difficulties because of high fuel prices. Kingfisher Airlines is also in trouble. Many suffered losses. We also lost money from banks. But I am saying that I am going to pay 100 percent of the amount I have taken. Please take. For three decades, India is the largest liquor seller in India and the country’s treasury is Rs. Thousands of quotes were provided. Kingfisher Airlines also paid a lot of money to the states. Problems began with the loss of airline losses. Even though I have already said that I will pay for it. Because it’s people’s money. Please, the banks want the government to take those arrears, “Mallya said.

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