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If She Clicks Here, Bollywood Will Get Shocked

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If She Clicks Here, Bollywood Will Get Shocked

admin1 January 18, 2018

Rajasthan and Goa have decided to ban the release already. Haryana and Madhya Pradesh are doubtful about her release. But the ‘i’ less royal hottie has decided to do hungama on January 25th as expected.

Turning into “Padmavat” from “Padmavati” upon an order from Censor Board, finally, this much awaited Sanjay Bhansali film is arriving in theatres. However, the film will not have a release or at least miss a release in nearly four states that contribute quite well to the box office revenues. For that reason, the makers have come up with a plan.

Featuring Deepika Padukone in the titular role of Padmavat, this film is now gearing for massive release in Telugu and Tamil as well. To compensate the revenues that will be lost, it looks like producers have decided to release the film in south India as well in native versions. Like the way Telugu film Baahubali clicked in Hindi-speaking interiors, they are said to be thinking that the dubbed Telugu version will click here big time.

In case if the Telugu version of Padmavat clicks, then definitely that will be a shocker for Bollywood and also those forces that have hindered the film’s release up north. Because there will be no more blackmailing tactics that will work on filmmakers if they could find alternative market down south.

Provided with the craze Deepika Padukone has and the way Bhansali crafts some dramatical themes, trade analysts are expecting Padmavat to click quite well here. Let’s see.

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