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IL and FS ex-MD arrested

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IL and FS ex-MD arrested

admin1 April 13, 2019

Serious fraud Investigation team officials arrested IL & FS former CMD Ramesh Bhava. This is the second arrested by SFI of the Department of Commerce. The court refused to prolong the Supreme Court’s delay in defense of the recent arrest of the building. The building was arrested in Dilli last night.
Earlier this month, IL & FS former vice chairman Hari Sankaran was arrested recently. He is currently being kept in a bikaila jail in Mumbai. Both Sankaran and Bhatt were arrested under section 447 Companies Act.
Apart from SFA, we are also investigating the allegations of a udy infusion. ILFFS Rail Limited, ILF Transport Network Ltd, former chairman of IL & FS Ravi Parthasarathy, Ends Harishankaran and Bhavala were registered cases of money laundering.

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