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In 2019 I Will Become The AP CM, Says KA Paul

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In 2019 I Will Become The AP CM, Says KA Paul

admin1 January 11, 2019

KA Paul, once again in the news, has once again disputed in his own style. In the next election, he said that AP CM is the Chief Minister and hence Chandrababu will be advised. With all the surveys favorable, he claimed that Chandrababu and Modi were preventing him from coming to power. Speaking to the media in Guntur, Jagan said that the state would not be the Chief Minister and Pawan’s influence was also good. KA Paul said that Chandrababu and Modi are doing their funding for money and they are also cooperating with Jagan. Modi and Chandrababu are the permanent allies.

KA Paul said he had a substitute for Modi in the country and he has the ability to face him. The third front in the center would get 300 seats and Modi will not be prime minister for the second time. He said he would give Rs.3,000 per month to those who had joined the party in his party. If he is the CEO, he will take over Rs 7 lakh from different countries and the US president Trump has won. Paul said he would not have to pay Rs 100 crore for the constituency that won him in the state, not one rupee for Gelawani constituencies. Chandrababu’s promise to make Singapore will be won in 2014 but he is not guaranteed.

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