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Increasing of Kaleshwaram capacity

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Increasing of Kaleshwaram capacity

admin1 January 8, 2019

The government has decided to increase the efficiency of the Kaleshwaram lift system. Currently, two TMCs have been taken to work on the water. It has been suggested that the Government have been advised by the government to extend the work and to work on the three TMCs. According to the survey, the survey of the additional tunnel route at the bottom of Ellampalli was conducted. This decision has been taken at a time when the Chief Minister KCR was investigating the work of Kaleshwaram. Under the Kaleshwaram lift scheme, 225 TMCs are required for drinking water and industrial purposes, with 180 tmc’s of water transmitted through the lubricant. Two TMCs per day have been diverted for 90 days and have been proposed to use the remaining water under ground water. From the nettle to Ellampalli the water will be diverted. From Madhupalayam project constructed as part of the floods of Srirangas and then the water is supplied to Kaleswara at the bottom. All these activities are going on.

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