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India is in the position of health alert …


India is in the position of health alert …

admin1 October 5, 2018

India ranks fifth in the list of health warnings on tobacco products for public good. The Canadian Cancer Society has released a list of countries that have health warnings on graphics, such as tobacco, and products such as pans. Of the 206 countries, India ranks fifth in the list. In the first place East Timor was a small country in Southeast Asia. In this country, 85 percent of the cigarette packets are in the forefront of the health alert to occupy a hundred per cent space.

Canada’s mandate for tobacco products was first made in 2001, and now 118 countries are implementing it. In India, the clause is mandated by the Supreme Court and the Rajasthan High Court order in 2016. “The Union Health Department has issued a notification that the provision compulsory to make 85 per cent notice on cigarettes, beedi packets and gutka packets in India since September this year. In addition, the Indian government is introducing a quit line number. The illiterate people are aware of how dangerous the product is, “said Binoey Math, Member of Indian Voluntary Health Association working for tobacco control.

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