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India talks with Taliban


India talks with Taliban

admin1 November 9, 2018

For the first time in the history of the country, India is ready to negotiate with the Taliban. Russia has held a meeting on the issue of establishing peace in Afganistan, It also invited India along with the US, Pakistan and China. Representatives of the Taliban are also attending the same meeting. Talks between India and the Taliban have been discussed. But it seems unofficial.

Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan Amar Sinha and former Indian High Commissioner for India Tea Raghavan will be attending the event. As part of the meeting, there is a possibility of India meeting with the Taliban. Last month Russian President Vladimir Putin was invited to this meeting when he was on a tour of India.

“The Russian Federation on the Afghan issue has convened a meeting in Moscow on November 9. It has also invited India to India, “Union external affairs spokesperson Ravish Kumar said. Ramesh Kumar said that India supports all kinds of measures to ensure peace, fraternity, stability, security, unity and multilateralism in Afghanistan. This will be the first time that talks with India Taliban for peace in Afghanistan.

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