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India Vs West Indies 4th ODI Today At Mumbai

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India Vs West Indies 4th ODI Today At Mumbai

admin1 October 29, 2018

The fourth ODI between India and West Indies will be on Today . In the afternoon, it is going to be a live broadcast of Starsports. With the opportunity to win the series, it is better for both the teams to become crucial. In the five-ODI series, India and West Indies won their first match in the first match. Thus the factions were equal to 1-1.

If the impenetrable Kohli Sena is going to win the series, the West Indies have changed the situation. In the first ODI, it was the second time that the team managed to survive in the second ODI and then beat India in the third ODI. The same is believed to be bowled once again with the same confidence in the Caribbean team in the fourth one day. We are looking forward to a strong competition for India. Captain Kohli is the best batsman on the other side. India is struggling with the middleman’s problem and is determined to win the match anyway.

Where is Kedar?
Captain Kohli, who commented after the third ODI defeat, said there was a need to select a team that is well balanced and alluded to Kedar Jadhav. Jadhav, who suffered a calf muscle injury in Asiapacker, made it easier for him to play in the movable Deodhar Trophy. He has been in the final squad as he has the ability to make a different off spin. This makes the Rishab Panth more likely to be in the spot.

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