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India’s First Fecal Septage Treatment Plant Set Up At Warangal

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India’s First Fecal Septage Treatment Plant Set Up At Warangal

admin1 October 6, 2018

Warangal is a non-drainage system in Warangal, a plant last year, 20,000 liters of waste is collected and fertilized daily.

The first generation in the country has been built in the country for the removal of human waste into modern methods and producing water from them. This plant, known as the Fecal Septage Treatment Plant (FSTP), was launched on Friday experimentally. Under the guidance of the head of the Warangal city, the plant is being set up by Hyderabad-based glue bio company. The water through them is used to clean the plants and the roads in the gardens. Collector Prashanth Jeevan Patil launched the formation of FSTP in Warangal Urban district Kazipet Mandalam Amaruvapeta. Speaking on the occasion, Prashanth said, “There are all necessary arrangements for manual waste removal in various stages of water. He said that it can generate 14,000 liters of water per day.

Already modern technology has revealed that human waste is burned at high heat and producing fertilizers. The plant will help to build Warangal Maha City as a ODF 2.0, City Commissioner Gautam said. Prof. Srinivasachary, Managing Director, ASK Group, Namitha, managing director of Bunka Bio Company, said. Last year, 20,000 liters of waste was collected and converted into fertilizers by the plant in Warangal.

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