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Investigation on kochar’s Husband’s assets

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Investigation on kochar’s Husband’s assets

admin1 March 12, 2019

Another headache for ICICI Bank’s former CEO Chanda kochar . Income Tax officials will soon begin investigations under the anti-penalty anti-Benami Act on her husband Deepak Kochar. In the absence of major advances in the preceding tax evasion, it is expected to investigate under anti-benami laws.
In the last year, Dipakkochar was informed about the Rs 405 crore investment by its subsidiary DHD Renewable Holdings, Officials have identified some errors during this inquiry. Investigation officials believe that there are suspicions that money and money have been brought into the company in different ways. Already shared this report with ET.

The Income Tax Department has issued notices to Deepak Kochhar on April 10 last year. The ADSF subsidiary companies that invested in the business were inquired about. Officials questioned the sources of these companies investing in the tunnel. The two companies bought shares in the company with the highest premium. The IT department has already issued notices to Singapore companies regarding this. The IT company believes that it is deliberately buying a premium for transfers to fund transfers. Thus, the annual report of ADSF, the balance sheet, the tax details, the promoters and the shareholders asked to reveal the changing shareholding pattern.

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