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Is Akhil Aiming Too Big Too Early?

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Is Akhil Aiming Too Big Too Early?

admin1 January 8, 2018

‘Akhil’ was a much bigger disaster in comparison but the failure of ‘Hello’ startled everyone. Unlike the first film, “Hello” didn’t receive disaster talk but the film still incurred huge losses to buyers, say trade reports. What went wrong? And how Akhil can place his career on track?

Trade analysts opine that Akhil and Nagarjuna are aiming to achieve too big at very early in the young hero’s career. Spending Rs 40 Cr on a film even without having an idea on a new hero’s reach is being said as the biggest mistake committed by the producers of both ‘Akhil’ and ‘Hello’. Nag, who invests very calculated on his production ventures, has reportedly lost more than Rs 10 Cr on ‘Hello’, because of probably spending too much than Akhil’s market.

Coming from the prestigious Akkineni family and being predicted to become the torchbearer of family legacy, Akhil commands Audience’ adulation. His films can recover in the range of 20 Cr from theatres, and Akhil can deliver hits if his films are kept in the 20 Cr bracket as of now. But, producers are spending in the range of 35-40 Cr on his films and expecting the same returns, resulting in massive failures.

Senior Akkineni fans suggest that Akhil should slowly build an image and expand his wings from film to film instead of trying to achieve Star image with just one film. It won’t be difficult for the talented and hard working young lad to hit bull’s eye at box office if he comes up with a moderate budget film having universal appeal.

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