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Is Pawan Pulling Charan Into Politics?

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Is Pawan Pulling Charan Into Politics?

admin1 October 26, 2018


The race to 2019 elections is heating up as political parties have begun their efforts in scouting for star campaigners. While Telugu Desam Party is looking to cozy upto Junior NTR and make him their star campaigner for 2019 elections, the Jana Sena Party led by Pawan Kalyan too is on track.

Grapevine has it that Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan Tej and Allu Arjun might campaign for the party. The Konidela family and the Allu family is gearing up to campaign for Jana Sena and push the Kapu Votebank into Jana Sena’s basket, say political observers.

Going by the recent developments, Pawan had asked Rama Charan to adopt a village hit by Cyclone Titli. Following his request, Ram Charan agreed and at the same time, Allu Arjun too donated Rs. 25 lakh towards Cyclone relief. Additionally, with the news that Chiranjeevi is planning to join Jana Sena, the fledgling party in Andhra Pradesh will witness a star-studded campaign, say party sources.

On the other hand, with NTR biopic set for release in January 2019, Rana Daggubati who is playing Chandrababu Naidu in the movie may also indirectly campaign for the Yellow party. We will have to wait and watch the 2019 elections in Andhra Pradesh which will not only be glamorous but also a tough fight between film industry bigwigs!

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