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It Grids CEO Ashok Files Quash Petition In High Court In Date Issue Case

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It Grids CEO Ashok Files Quash Petition In High Court In Date Issue Case

admin1 March 9, 2019

The controversy surrounding the political controversy between AP and Telangana is another turning point. Telangana police have already registered a case against IT grids in the matter and speed up investigation. The CEO Ashok was approached by the High Court. A quash petition has been filed to suspend the inquiry of the past few days on IT Grids and to dismiss the case. The police have registered a case against IT Grids and have recently initiated an inquiry by the Telangana government. Ashok requested that the case be handed over to him in the backdrop of the case and the case was completely dismissed and the stay was stopped. The petition filed by IT Grids CEO is likely to be heard on Saturday or Monday. He mentioned the Telangana police as defendants. Ashok seems to have mentioned in his petition that they did not commit any kind of data abuse and business transactions.

On the other hand, AP Planning Commission vice president Kutumba Rao has been criticized for targeting the YCP and BJP on the data scam controversy. The YCP and the BJP have been informed that the information collected in various forms from the public should be used for own purposes. Asked whether the Election Commission had any information in the Ministry of Home Affairs not to collect information from the public. If the central government collects data and keeps it offline, the state government is wrong? Was angry. The cinematic drama ended when the YCP called for a new drama called data thievery.

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