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Jagan shares from state projects

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Jagan shares from state projects

admin1 November 27, 2018

Janasana’s chief claims that Chandra Babu is taking charge from Jagan’s shares from every project in the state. “Says Rahul Brahmachari. Who knows what’s going on inside. You can talk a lot about personal lives. Personal lives speak of democracy and legislation. Why do not they speak when there is no impact on the gas and the state governments do not have the courage to question Reliance ownership, “he said. He spoke at an open ceremony held at P. Gannavanam, East Godavari district, as part of the public fights. If a Union Minister has come to the railways for the area, our leaders have been intimidated. “The party leaders are saying that they are criticizing this. What if your leader does not go to the legislature and ask questions about corruption? Let’s go there before him. ‘ Pawan said that the chief minister is not a decoration. He said that patriotism is not his own and people are his strength. He said he would take accountability if he came to power.

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