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Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan Speech In Jaggampeta Public Meeting

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Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan Speech In Jaggampeta Public Meeting

admin1 November 5, 2018

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan is coming to power with leaders who change their party for power. People who are responsible are required to call the general public at the time of the Telugu’ self-esteem. Pawan was speaking at a public rally in Jaggampetta on Sunday.

Chandrababu takes retirement
‘Navataram is not the ones who are not the victims .. not the exploiters .. the competitors .. the worth of the strong people. People who can not save their self-esteem can not be the Chief Minister of the state. Why Chandrababu is the chief minister when he retires for 60-year-old employees. CM Chandrababu should retire from politics. Brothers and sisters. I will sacrifice myself for you, brothers and sisters. ”

The Congress has no 14 Years in the AP
“Why millions of crores have been exploited during YSR. If he was supportive, he went into corruption. If TDP was supported by our brother, then Chandra Babu went and Rahul knocked the knees and surrendered to the feet. Are you suffering from a martyr’s self-esteem? How can the detainees impose a 14-year-old rigorous imprisonment? Congress has no place in the state for at least 14 years. Does anybody go to the door to get into the house? No one is Chandrababu.

The state should have 4 pieces
“BJP is very angry. Let’s fight against Modi. Let’s come to TDP Janasena’s office. Let’s fight together. There was a vote in 1997 in Kakinada. Do not ask yourself to divide the state of anyone else. Do you bite the same way If you do not bring your uniform up to 4 pieces, our tummy will not cool. When I spoke about special status, the CM did not stand. I was dumped into curry. If my patience and grace decrease, I will show my universe, “Pawan said.

Fire on mining mafia
“The Rs 3,000 crore mining exploitation in the Puthupaddu Mandal Vandatha has been done. Janesena leaders crossed the Gravel Pose without going to the Vatada Latarite mines. To mining ownership. If you have such a massive popularity, you will be able to pull it off. Thank you for your help. Vandathara Andrew company games do not. We are going to take action after the Jana Sena comes to power. Chandrababu supporting the TDP government will do well for the people. But they can not tolerate corruption, “he said.

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