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Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan Speech In Peddapuram Public Meeting

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Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan Speech In Peddapuram Public Meeting

admin1 November 6, 2018

Pawan Kalyan, the leader of the Janasena, will come up with new equations in the 2019 elections. Telangana and AP politics are going to change. The Jana Sena government has come to power. Pawan was speaking at a public meeting in Peddapuram in the district of East Godavari, as part of the Jana Sena TDP Sarkar Target hit.

“The next elections are crucial for the AP people. As a witness to God, change in politics. Strong TDP .. Jagan with a Rs Thousands of Cr’s. In the present time, we have Gandhi, Chandrababu and Lokesh. Chandrababu has corrupted the state that the goddess is dead and sitting dead. In 2019, the TDP is not in power in any of the areas. That is the charity of supporting Chandrababu in 2014. Now it’s not right to get TDP in 2019, “Pawan said.

“In 2019, TDP and VIPs do not establish governments. After the next election, the Jansana government will be formed. There is a strong change in politics. The new conditions and equations will create the Janasena government. Jansena will establish the government .. you do not have faith in you. At this time all the fans are saying ‘CM PowerStar .. CM Powerstar ..’ Pawan said .. ‘Power Power’ is a mantra. It will certainly happen in 2019.

‘The sins of the leaders are like the worst of the sins. Those who are backed up are dipawali tapasula. This is Diwali Narakasura Vadhha. Dasara is the Mahishasurama. As the Avadhuta Venkayaswamy says, those who go behind the corrupt people will be exploded by Diwali. Minister Lokesh asked on Twitter where there is corruption. Show up with credentials’ Pavan.

“If the opposition leader Jagan is moving on the roads without going to assembly, people will have confidence in the democratic system. Where is Jagan going? Walk on the head in the festivities, cheeks are not rubbing .. Do not stand the government in the assembly. Does Jagan have any share in this corruption? ‘

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