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‘Kaalaa’ Shocking Answer On Alliance With Kamal

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‘Kaalaa’ Shocking Answer On Alliance With Kamal

admin1 January 18, 2018

The heat raised in Tamil Nadu politics with the entry of the most popular film stars Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth. They are yet to reveal the party name.. ideology and other things but they are busy devising an action plan on how to take their political dreams further. There is a talk that Kamal is inclined towards Leftist ideology and Rajini’s ideology appears to be similar to the BJP.

Both the superstars appear to be contesting elections on their own agenda and they will not have an alliance with any other party contrary to the general talk. Thalaiva recently attended a movie function as a guest and reporters asked him whether he will have an alliance with Kamal Haasan in the elections or not? He answered that ‘time will decide’.

Rajinikanth revealed that they are ready to contest the elections and they are even ready to if the elections will take place in the next six months. He added that they will give clarity on political strategies very soon. He also revealed that they are going to recruit the office bearers and they will build the party from the grass root levels. There are rumours that Thalaiva is going to announce the party name on February 21 and he is going to start touring the state.

Political analysts are saying that both the stars will not have an alliance considering their different nature and approach. Some of them opine that Rajini would have given a direct answer that they will not have any alliance with Kamal’s party unless he has such thought in his mind. It is really tough to predict what happens in politics it is even tougher to predict alliances now. Whatever be the case, ‘time’ will decide Kaalaa’s alliance with Kamal party.

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