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Karnataka: Hidrama at Rajbhavan


Karnataka: Hidrama at Rajbhavan

admin1 May 16, 2018

The Congress-JDS alliance is ready to darna against him if the governor does not allow them to form the government. JDS leader Kumaraswamy and Karnataka PCC President Parameshwara have come Rajbhavan from the Congress party headquarters with their MLAs. However, the staff did not allow those leaders to come to Raj Bhavan. Kumaraswamy, Parameshwara and MLAs stayed outside the gate. Hiderama at Rajbhavan Governor Vishubhai Rudabhai Wala will be accompanied by Kumaraswamy and Parameshwara government. Yeddyurappa also goes to Rajbhavan and meets the governor.

Leaders of the two parties are ready to hold parade before Governor Vajpayee. MLAs from the Congress-JDS alliance have signed the formation of the government. We will support Governor Kumar Vishubhai for allowing the government to form the government. But the alliance plans to dare against the Governor if he does not allow the government to form a government. The Congress MLAs feel that the governor has the right to form the government and the governor should look towards them. If the governor’s decision against them, the Congress-JDS decided to go to the Supreme Court seeking justice.

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