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KCR should come to power again: Posani


KCR should come to power again: Posani

admin1 November 3, 2018

Popular film star Posani Krishna Murali wished to come back to the KCR again to realize the distinguished state dreams. Telangana Jubilee’s candidate Maganti Gopinath as part of the election campaign came to the residence of Posani in ellareddy guda, requested to vote. Speaking at this occasion, Posani said that KCR is credited with leading the state in the process of development. All the tribes in Telangana wanted to vote for Telas. He criticized Chandrababu for coming back to mislead the Telangana people. Chandrababu was accused of decommissioning systems. Teetha Kodandaram is the most respected person, but it is good to criticize the evidence.

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