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Kohli Response To O’keefe Comments

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Kohli Response To O’keefe Comments

admin1 December 31, 2018

Indian captain Virat Kohli has said that the best bowler of India, like Bumrah, is the first of its kind in cricket. Virat said that the Melbourne Cricket Test was definitely the cause of their indigenous cricket. Kohli later stated after the match that their first-class cricket system was good for fast bowlers to face challenges abroad.

In the Melbourne Test, the half-century in the first innings was a commentary by O’keefe about Mayank Agarwal.O’keefe commented that he had made his triple century on the team like the Railways. After winning the Melbourne Test, Kohli said, “We will bowl and batting hundreds of overs in the ranks. That’s why we’ll be fit, “he said. When the criticism of his remarks broke out, he said openly apologizing.

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