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Komati Reddy, Sampathukumar’s suspension cancelled


Komati Reddy, Sampathukumar’s suspension cancelled

admin1 April 17, 2018

Telangana Congress leaders Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and Sampath Kumar received comfort in the High Court. The Supreme Court of India dismissed the exclusion of their suspension. Their legislature passed orders to restore memberships. The government can take disciplinary action if they feel that they are wrong, but the court said that the expulsion of the assembly is not correct.

At the opening of the Telangana Budget Session, the members of the Congress were concerned in the House when the Governor spoke. The governor sacked the speech. At the same time, Komatireddy chased the headphone and accused it of chairman Swami Gowda. Immediately after the governor’s speech, Swamigoud went to Sarojini Devi eye hospital and was undergoing treatment. The assembly MLAs Komatireddy Venkatreddi and Sampath Kumar were disqualified from the assembly and they were expelled from the assembly. The government issued the Jivo as soon as their legislative memberships were canceled. The Election Commission has recommended that the polls be held for the two seats.

Komatireddy Venkatar Reddy and Sampath Kumar approached the High Court. They have appealed to the court that the ban on the expulsion from the Assembly is unconstitutional. The Court of Hearing, which has repeatedly heard arguments, has ruled in favor of Congress members. The lawyer argued that the ruling by the members of the Congress members was not the same as that of the government.

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