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Kumaraswamy Seatir to Modi’s Challenge


Kumaraswamy Seatir to Modi’s Challenge

admin1 June 13, 2018

Karnataka Chief Minister Kumaraswamy responded in his style of fitness challenge thrown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Replied to the challenge of the Prime Minister’s Twitter challenge. “Narendra Modi and thank you for being concerned about my health. I feel it is a respected honor. I believe that physical fitness is important for all. I also strengthen this good intention. Yoga is a part of my everyday workout, a trademill. However, there is more concern about the state development pit. It needs your help … ” tweeted. Kumaraswamy responded shortly after the Prime Minister’s tweet on his fitness.
Prime Minister Modi today posted his fitness video in the morning … ” These are some moments of my morning exercise. In addition to yoga … walks on a track made of nature, water, fire, gas, and sky. It is very fun and brings new energy. I will also do a breathtaking exercise. ” Modi’s fitness challenge from cricketer Kohli as part of ‘India Fit with Humphit’ launched by Union Minister Rajya Vardhana Singh Rathore, has been fired by the 2018 Commonwealth winners, including Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy and TTT Champion Manikabatra, for the IAS officers for over 40 years.

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