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Last Date Of Voter Registration 2018 In Telangana

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Last Date Of Voter Registration 2018 In Telangana

admin1 November 9, 2018

Telangana state registration deadline ends (November 09). Those who are still not voted on January 1, 2018 are the last day to apply for those over 18 years old. The vote is likely to be valid till 6 pm on Friday evening. Photo, Age Verification, Identity Cards, Mandal Centers, Panchayats, Collectorate Help Centers, BLO have been given the opportunity to register.

Chief Electoral Officer Rajat Kumar said that people who do not register as voters are quick to register and make changes in their home numbers. Duplicate votes are being removed by new software. 52,100 EVMs and 32,590 VVs are coming to the state. While EVMs are all working well, 7,8 percent of VV pat are not working. The deadline for registration of the September 25 deadline has been extended till November 9 for other amendments to the amendment, address change, etc.

Vote registration, amendments forms are the same ..
✦ Form 6 – This form is required to complete new voters who have not yet voted.
✦ Form 7 – This form should be used for voter card removal. Anyone can die or change to a different constituency, but this form must be completed even if it is transferred to another place.

✦ Form 8 – This form should be used to fix errors in name and addresses.
✦ Form 8A- This address is required to complete the changes if the address is changed

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