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Maoist Execution Military Strategy For MLA And Ex MLA Murder

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Maoist Execution Military Strategy For MLA And Ex MLA Murder

admin1 September 25, 2018

The Maoists, who choose remote areas for the attacks, have strangled the racket MLA and former MLAs near the main road.

Maoists killed a former MLA, Sivari Soma, to kill Arvil MLA Kidari Sarveshwara Rao. About 60 Maoists how to reach Livitiputu village is still unimpressive. In fact, the police hire their informers in the Maoist-hit areas. If the Maoist movements are identified in the villages, they will be informed immediately. However, as many as 60 Maoists have reached the livestock, the Maoists are shocked by the fact that without informing them. It is not possible to come to the spot every day. Maoists who split into groups have come to the villages of Livitiputu, Dumbri Gudu and Araku villages a few days ago.

A large number of Maoists have been sheltered in various villages but the police have not received information from any of them. The murder plan is entrusted with responsibility for each individual. It is more important to keep a close watch on the motion of someone who wants to kill. When people are targeted? Where are you going The local Maoist sympathies should take the help of precise information. Kidari and Soma murders may not be able to recognize their moves but one can not recognize their moves. But if the 60s are involved, no one can recognize the migration of the police. The Maoists have implemented a military strategy as an unconventional way of thinking. It seems that they have chosen to attack the main road rather than remote areas.

In the areas where the police reach the moment, the Maoists usually do not make the adventure of the attacks. They choose only remote areas for fear of being caught while fleeing. But the reason for the attack on Kidar is to ensure that the police are not in any situation to choose the livestock area in the roadway. Generally Maoists are keeping cellphones in their operations. They do not use cellphones as a precautionary act with fear of being caught by the police on their own. However, live witnesses say that cell phones are widely used in Kidari murder. It is also surprising that some Kodari and Somas are intercepted and interacted with some of the top Maoist superiors. In addition, eyewitnesses have reported that some have spoken to Vakitsaki.

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