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Merge Our Villages Into Telangana, Maharastra Border People Demand

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Merge Our Villages Into Telangana, Maharastra Border People Demand

admin1 January 4, 2019

The welfare schemes implemented in Telangana attract thousands of people in the border villages of Maharashtra. They are demanding to get their villages in Telangana. On Thursday, 40 villages of Dharamsabad, the people and all the leaders of the alliance took a massive rally. The BJP and Shiv Sena leaders in power are also participating in this. They shouted slogans saying, ‘Hamare ko Telangana May Melelayo’. They do not care that the Maharashtra government does not care for them and half of the welfare schemes implemented by the Telangana government are being overwhelmed.

Recently the girl from Telangana was married to a boy belonging to the Maharashtra Border Village. The family was surprised when the bride told them that they had donated 1 lakh rupees as part of the Kalyana Lakshmi scheme. If this issue is in Telangana, do not you get these money too? That’s what parents are playing. In addition, farmers in Maharashtra border villages have cultivated lands in Telangana. They are applying to the farmers ‘and farmers’ insurance schemes. With the lack of such schemes in Maharashtra, the people of these villages have taken up the movement in Telangana.

There are 40 villages on the Maharashtra border with the Nirmal District Muthol constituency. They have relationships and relations with Telangana. In Telangana, many welfare schemes have been implemented and they are not in their state, they want to join Telangana. The 40 village serpents were formed as a JAC. They have already been accompanied by Telangana MP Kavitha, Minister Pocharam Srinivas Reddy. In Telangana, only Rs.600 is given in Maharashtra, only farmers, farmers insurance, kalyana Lakshmi, KCR kit, maternity aid. The movement is becoming more intense as it is taking a serious discussion in the border villages on Telangana schemes.

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